Impostor Assassin

The thriller novel of one man’s determination to save writing and publishing from the evil of an international company, set on world domination. SWAMP is a global store which controls everything available and everyone who works for the company. With a team of authors, agents and publishers, SWAMP controls the world of publishing. An army of SWAMP Assassins keeps the world bowed on its knees to the Sceptre of SWAMP.
Can one man save publishing in a world controlled by SWAMP?
Every Author, Agent, Publisher is not safe from the tentacles of SWAMP Assassins.
Who can you trust, when anyone could be a SWAMP Assassin, even your own Son?
When SWAMP enters your life, it snuffs out your humanity.

A short story collection which is filled with great stories.

Felicia Emmanuel

Stories reate Worlds and realities. An exciting set of stories.

Harry Fitzgerald

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This book contains a collection of paranormal and supernatural events, which will prove that the paranormal exists. A number of us believe in the Supernatural. A few of us have experienced some supernatural event in our lives, while a few of us would like to experience a paranormal phenomenon. A supernatural experience could also come in the form of a dream or a vision or some memory or even a musical tune, which seems to haunts us before or after an event in our lives.

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