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The Secret Race: Anglo-Indians

ISBN-10: 1445718111

ISBN-13: 978-1445718118


Anglo-Indians are the only English speaking, Christian community in India, whose Mother tongue is English and who have a Western lifestyle in the sub-continent of India. Anglo-Indians originated during the Colonial period in India. When British soldiers and traders had affairs or married Indian women their offspring came to be known as Anglo-Indians or Eurasians in history.

World Recipes For A Home Catering Business

ISBN-10: 1409270742

ISBN-13: 978-1409270744

This book is for those who enjoy cooking and would like to know how to prepare dishes from around the world for fame and profit.You can become an instant hit with your family and friends.Start your own Home Catering Business with these delicious recipes.You can develop the talent of cooking dishes from around the world.This talent can later make you a profit from a Catering business of your own.If you or a friend have a passion and a talent for cooking,buy this book today.

Reasons To Live

ISBN-10: 1445736926

ISBN-13: 978-1445736921


This is a collection of some of the best Reasons to Live or some of the ways to discover your life purpose. The reasons to live extend from taking care of your family to taking a trip into outer space and sitting with your loved one in a Gondola in Venice. There are a number of chapters on a variety of topics, which can guide you into finding something which is suitable for you. We all have a number of abilities, talents, likes and dislikes. This guide book does not provide you with all the answers, but it does help you to begin your quest in finding your life purpose. This book was created for the sole reason to help and encourage everyone, who is confused in life and does not know his or her life purpose. 

Lady of The Sea and other Poems

ISBN-10: 1445721988

ISBN-13: 978-1445721989

This collection of poems explores a number of interesting topics from Ninjas and Shoguns, to Robin Hood, Britain's Got Talent, to poems on Nature, Elvis Presley, the Piccadilly Line and the History of London. Warren Brown has been writing Poetry since the age of Eighteen and has published a number of his poems in magazines, newspapers, blogs, and in the Anthology of Poetry, published by the Watermark Press, USA. Warren enjoys writing poems and has also tried his hand at writing a variety of verse, from the Limerick to the Clerihew. In a number of his poems, Warren likes to narrate a story, while creating a character and a situation, using powerful word imagery.


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